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    Cordless Handheld Vacuum 11.1V T127001

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    Product Code: 7472765
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    Packing an 70W motor housed within this lightweight and compact handheld vacuum cleaner to nimbly reach between small and confined spaces around your home or within the car without restriction.

    The strong suction power provides a deep and thorough clean that easily absorbs both wet and dry spillages such as dust, food crumbs, milk and a range of other spilled liquids for a fast and efficient clean up.

    Collected debris filter through to the dust compartment and can be easily removed directly into the bin, while the crevice nozzle and round brush head attachments help to capture all particles between sofa seams, blind slats and car vents.

    A complete charge of this portable cordless cleaner can provide up to a 25 minute cleaning performance to leave your home free from dust and dirt for a comfortable home environment.

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